Methods for retraining your brain away from chronic pain

As demonstrated in the video on the home page, returning sensitization to normal is the primary goal of retraining your brain away from chronic pain. This is how to overcome chronic pain once and for all. The people I have worked with have experienced not steady progress, but one or more sudden breakthroughs that astound them! The pain is there one moment and gone the next. Useful, clinically tested techniques that can facilitate a breakthrough are: learning, activity, biofeedback, guided imagery and meditation.

These techniques work best in combination: a Multimodal approach, as it is called by pain experts.  There is lots of scientific evidence for the benefits of a Multimodal approach, which is the approach of world-class chronic pain groups such as the one at Stanford University.  You can also use a Multimodal approach in your own home with the resources below. If you just want to get started with a simple multimodal approach, try the 1,2,3 approach to overcoming chronic pain.