Here are links you can follow to learn more about how to use activity, biofeedback and meditation, together with learning, to decrease or totally eliminate your chronic pain.

  1. Activity.  Graded Motor Imagery is a systematic, clinically tested way to gradually restore activity.  You can learn Qigong from this popular video that has not only exercises, but also great explanations of how it works. Corinne Cooley, DPT, teaches “Movement as Medicine“. The downward spiral of pain/(inactivity, lack of sleep, stress) and its reversal is covered in Daniel J. Clauw M.D. Chronic Pain – Is it All in Their Head? starting at 1:14 after a discussion about the differences between chronic “brain pain” and acute (nociceptive) pain.
  2. Biofeedback. Stress is a major contributor to chronic pain as explained by Dr. Howard Schubiner in this YouTube video. Biofeedback, especially hand warming biofeedback is very useful in decreasing stress. Learning to warm your hands with your mind can be done with a Stress Thermometer or with a wireless baby thermometer that can be coupled to a cell phone. A useful website is
  3. Meditation. The website teaches you to visualize pain centers in the brain decreasing in size. Consider purchasing the excellent workbook available on the website. Two dramatic stories of recovery from devastating long term chronic pain with this visualization techniques are in the book  The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity by Dr. Norman Doidge. Another visualization approach involves imagining a life without pain.

There are more resources here at