New opportunities for help for people on the West Coast

In my previous post, I mentioned Howard Schubiner, who is doing wonderful work with chronic pain patients in Michigan.  Since then I have talked with him and learned about two groups here in California that he thinks are great.

  1. David Schechter, MD, who also worked with Dr. Sarno and has a practice in Los Angeles.  He wrote the book Think Away Your Pain. for office info for pain info
  2. Alan Gordon, LCSW, is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain. .  70% of Pain Psychology Center patients are seen over Skype.  This is great for people outside the LA area.  A study has shown that internet based counseling can be very effective.

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  1. dani

    I live in Canada and would like to find help for a 12 yr chronic pain condition. I know its a brain sensitization issue and am looking for a good therapist that can use biofeedback in the Barrie or Toronto area. That’s in Ontario Canada. If you could refer someone I would appreciate it. My insurance coverage makes out of country skype sessions not feasible as I need a Canadian licenced therapist thanks for all you do

    1. Paul Hansma

      I am glad that you know that your pain is due to a brain sensitization issue! That is half the battle. I’m sorry, but I don’t know therapists in Canada. As far as biofeedback goes, why not try hand warming in your own home? Learning to warm your hands with your mind can be done with a Stress Thermometer or with a wireless baby thermometer that can be coupled to a cell phone. A useful website is

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