The focus of our research group with Chancellor Henry Yang is building useful devices to help people.

Isaac Kwon, Vincent Billard, Kevin Hoffseth, Pedro May, Henry Yang, Paul Hansma, Franklin Ly, Octavio Lopez, Zach Vaillancourt

Our Hansma Lab research group in August 2022.

Stephany Pavlov, Paul Hansma, Aditi Phatak, Tyler Santander, Dahyana Arroyo, Franklin Ly, Jiayang Zhao, Emmeline Sears, Anirudh Iyer, Jesse Edwards, Gwendolyn Singleton, Linda Petzold, Zhuowei Cheng, Sergio Sokolovskiy, John Chen

Now we are focused on devices to help people overcome chronic pain, beginning with an educational device in the 3 minute video below.

If this approach interests you, you can learn how to reduce your sensitization by watching as many videos, reading as much of the science, and using as many of the methods as you need to become motivated and committed to a personal recovery plan for not just temporarily relieving your chronic pain, but overcoming it!