Active Life Scientific, Inc. is dedicated to helping people live active longer though new scientific advances in the diagnosis and treatment of ancient problems.  Results are what matters. focuses on bone health and the OsteoProbe, a new instrument for measuring bone material quality, an independent factor in bone strength. This is a commercial site. The result we are working toward is to help people avoid bone fractures, especially the hip fractures that can prevent them from remaining active. focuses on chronic pain, which prevents many people from living actives lives. There is nothing for sale on this website and though there are some recommended products, no money goes to Active Life Scientific from their purchase.  The result we are working toward is for people to overcome their chronic pain.  To move from feeling like victims to becoming victorious.

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  1. Wonderful video linked on this website that explains ‘chronic pain’. I truly enjoyed it; one of the clearest explanations of sensitization I have ever heard.

    I see that Dr. Hansma is aware of the TMS derived work that Dr. Schubiner and others of us do.

    I do the work in Southern California and where appropriate, we have referral psychotherapists who also do this work.

    All the best,

    David Schechter, MD for office info for pain info
    Think Away Your Pain.. my book

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