Books and Websites

Dr. Howard Schubiner was trained by Dr. Sarno and has established a wonderfully successful mind body program,  using Dr. Sarno’s ideas to help patients overcome their chronic pain now that Dr. Sarno has retired.  I highly recommend reading some of the success stories, and deciding if you want to spend the $100 to enroll in his mind body program.  It sounds like a bargain to me!

If you have chronic back pain, get and read: Sarno, John E. Healing back pain: The mind-body connection. Grand Central Publishing, 2001.

If you have other chronic pain, get and read: Sarno, John E. The mindbody prescription: Healing the body, healing the pain. Grand Central Publishing, 2001. Or Sarno, John E. The divided mind. Harper Collins, 2009.

A website for Dr. Sarno’s approach that includes a link to medical evidence:

Back Sense was recommended by one of the people who overcame their chronic pain

YouTube videos

Mind Body Syndrome/Tension Myositis Syndrome. A wonderfully informative start to overcoming chronic pain by Dr. Howard Schubiner.

Stanford Back Pain Day. The talks by Drs. Sean Mackey, Beth Darnall, and Heather King are especially relevant to reducing sensitization.

John E Sarno M.D. – 20/20 Segment. This short video and his books helped me overcome my chronic pain by convincing me that the source of my pain had become my brain.

John E. Sarno M.D. On The Howard Stern Show. Documents how retraining your brain can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Silje Endersen Reme Pain, Is it all in your mind? This TED talk supports Dr. Sarno’s idea that underlying psychological issues can be a major factor in back pain

Elliot Krane M.D. The mystery of chronic pain. This video has a wonderfully informative story about sensitization and its reversal in a young woman.

TEDxAdelaide – Lorimer Moseley – Why Things Hurt. A great talk with a story that shows us that the brain creates the experience of pain to try to help us, but it sometimes makes mistakes.