As in all things, research and progress don't happen without the hands, backs, and brains of bright people. We've had a lot move through the lab over the years, here is who is working now:

Paul HansmaProfessor Paul Hansma received his B.A. from New College, Sarasota, FL, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He came to the UCSB Physics Department in 1972 as an Assistant Professor, became an Associate Professor in 1976, and attained full professorship in 1980. He won the distinguished Biological Physics Prize in 2000 from the American Physical Society. More information is available from the UCSB Physics website (

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Connor Randall Connor Randall is a graduate of UCSB's Mechanical Engineering program. He has worked in the Hansma Lab for a few years, recently becoming Lab Manager. His primary focus involves research and development of the Reference Point Indentation instrument.

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Dan BridgesDan Bridges is a staff engineer working in the Hansma Lab. He assisted with the development of the Osteoprobe and is currently investigating novel applications of scanning probe microscopy to neural circuits.

Barney Drake Barney Drake is a long time staff engineer for the Hansma Lab. He has been involved in the development of many scanning probe microscopes, including SICM, high speed AFM, and Deep AFM.