Welcome to this brand new website!

Hi, I hope you enjoy the content of this website.  My goal is to help you overcome your chronic pain by understanding its true nature and then using clinically tested therapies that work.  Though I have interacted with a few people face to face and helped them overcome their pain, which has been very rewarding, I am 71 years old and comfortable with my familiar role of “introverted gadget builder”. I would like to focus on that role because, based on my work with those few people, I have some new ideas for gadgets that I think will be really helpful.

I hope that the 1,2,3 approach for overcoming chronic pain will work not only for the few people I have seen face to face, but also for people like you who can do it themselves with the information and resources on this website.  If you would like a more interactive online approach, consider the program of Dr. Howard Schubiner.

And, of course, if you can afford the time and money, consider travelling to his location and having a face to face program.  He screens patients for suitability for his programs.  The prognosis is very good for patients that he feels are suitable. Dr. Schubiner says that most of the people in his program get better.

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  1. Novs

    Thank you this concept for healing makes so much more sense

    1. Paul Hansma

      I agree! It is exciting to learn more. Recently I was excited to learn from Howard Schubiner and Alan Gordon that anxiety and fear can stabilize pain into chronic pain. As in: my shoulder hurts a little. oh no! I hope it’s not the start of another intense pain session. if it gets any worse I’m afraid that I won’t be able to go out for lunch like I planned. now it is worse…

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